Sink Molds

Infinicrete Circular Sink Mold: Code 40/CS

A mold for a circular sink perfect for a bar or butler pantry.

Infinicrete Double Vanity Sink Mold: Code 60/DVS

An impressively large mold for a double vanity sink.

Infinicrete Sit-on-Top Trough Mold: Code 52/STTS

A sink mold for a sit-on-top trough sink.

Infinicrete Square Half Round Vanity Sink Mold: Code 53/SHRVS

A mold for a square half-round vanity sink with a classic barrel look.

Infinicrete Tribeca Sink Mold: Code 62/TRI

Mold for the Tribeca Sink, a stylish Cheng Circle of Distinction award winner.

Infinicrete Rectangular Prep Station Sink Mold: Code 02/RPSS

A Rectangular Prep Station Sink for bathrooms, kitchens and bar tops.