SureCrete HS 260

Premium Clear Concrete Sealer

SureCrete's HS 260 is a premium, high performance, single-component clear acrylic sealer, 20% acrylic solids, 600 g/l, sealer designed for concrete or any cement based product. As with most acrylics, it is vapor-permeable and readily applies outside. However, HS 260 is specially formulated for extreme climates.

Its high performance characteristics include improved adhesion, UV protection, waterproofing, and durability.

HS 260 has advanced nanosealer technology. Part of its formula is the ability to shrink the size of the pours in the concrete surface. Doing so slows moisture migration and in most cases eliminates efflorescence. 

Surface tension has been addressed allowing for the sealer to layout tighter and more even. You will find that in most cases it eliminates the stringy remains during rolling. 

HS 260 has been designed for extreme climates that require a high-performance VOC-approved sealer.

HS 260 is an ideal choice for all decorative concrete overlay systems and any cementitious surfaces including concrete: driveways, garage floors, patios, walkways, pool decks, stucco, and concrete block.

HS 260 will enhance the beauty of any multi-colored surface both vertically and horizontally. HS 260 can be applied via roller, pump up sprayer or airless sprayer. In most applications a single coat is all that is required, always evaluate the surface to see if a second coat is needed.

Shipping Weight: 45 lbs.

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Color Name: Premium Clear Concrete Sealer
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