SureCrete Eco-Stain (4 Oz. Sample Bottle)

SureCrete EcoStain 4 oz. Sample Bottle

Eco-Stain is a zero-VOC, water-based penetrating concrete stain, an exciting alternative to typical reactive acid stains, with no acids or harmful chemicals. 

The pigments used in Eco-Stain are UV-stable, so as long as a sealer is applied, the colors will not fade or yellow when subjected to sunlight. The Eco-Stain standard color chart houses 29 vibrant stock colors to choose from, and these colors can be mixed and matched to achieve a literally limitless color palette.

Unlike concrete acid stain, Eco-Stain is an extremely versatile product. It can be applied to add more depth of color to a freshly poured or stamped and textured slab or on fresh concrete overlays. An old slab that, at one time, may have had vibrant color can be revived using Eco-Stain. You can also use Eco-Stain to repair areas in acid stain floors where the color did not develop or fail to react from some unknown substance.

It is very easy to use. It can be sprayed, painted or simply poured out onto your surface. And if you mess up, you can simply wash away the unwanted stain with water! And EcoStain is completely non-caustic and can be applied by anyone since there is absolutely no aroma or chemicals being released into the air during application. It can be touched with bare hands without fear of chemical burns or skin irritation.

Since no chemical reaction takes place, there is no extended waiting time for color to reach full developement. Eco-Stain contributes to LEED points through it's zero VOC nature and by requiring zero water in its application (because there is no need for neutralization, cleanup, or mopping, as with typical reactive acid stain applications). 


Eco-Stain is probably the easiest SureCrete product you could attempt to use. Really, there's more work in preparing your surface than there is in staining it!

1.) Clean your surface – the substrate must first be clear of all other stains or sealers that were previously applied.

2.) "Profile" your surface – Since our colorant is a penetrating water-based color, the surface must be able to have water penetrate into it! Otherwise the coloring will simply sit on top of the concrete and never dry into the surface. Profiling is typically done mechanically or with some form of mild chemical, we suggest the use of SCR (Super Concrete Renovator) to take care of both steps 1 and 2 in this application process.

3.) Apply your stain! This can be done in any number of ways, with any number of tools! For more control, we suggest using a fine brush or airless sprayer. However, for "messy" looks, this product can be simply poured onto your surface and spread around with something as simple as a paint roller or a towel!

4.) Once the Eco-Stain is dry to the touch (none comes up when you swipe your finger across the surface of your floor or countertop), an appropriate sealer should be applied to preserve the integrity of your project. For exterior projects, we suggest using a clear acrylic sealer such as HS 260 or Super 20, and for interior projects we suggest the utilization of any number of epoxies, polyurethanes or polyaspartics.



Only as long as it takes to dry! This will vary greatly depending on the local temperature/humidity as well as how much Eco-Stain was used in the project. The more stain you use in a given area, the longer it will take to dry.


In short, yes! Depending on the reactive acid stain color you are looking to achieve, different colored Eco-Stains can be applied at various dilution rates to simulate the earth-toned reactive color scheme you typically get from Acid Stains. Grab some colors and give it a try! You can always wipe it up with water and try again!


There are multiple reasons depending on the situation, but for most cases, it boils down to two main reasons: UV exposure and sealer degradation. Unlike Eco-Stain, chemical stains are not UV-stable, and therefore will fade over time if exposed to direct sunlight. And whether you have a chemical stain or Eco-Stain applied on your surface, all colors will fade if a sealer is not correctly applied and maintained. Over time, sealers fade and need to be replaced or "replenished" with a fresh coating.


The short answer would be: as far as you want! As these stains are made available in a concentrated format, they are typically diluted on site depending on the color density you are looking to achieve. The more the stain is diluted, the weaker the color will be. If you dilute too much, however, the stain can lose some of its properties as is spread too thin across a surface.


Shipping Weight: .3 lbs.

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Color Name: Arbor Green
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Color Name: Autumn Gold
SKU#: 7:01ZS4AUG

Color Name: Aztec Gold
SKU#: 7:01ZS4AZG

Color Name: Beechnut
SKU#: 7:01ZS4BT

Color Name: Bermuda Blue
SKU#: 7:01ZS4BB

Color Name: Burnt Crimson
SKU#: 7:01ZS4BC

Color Name: Cool Forest
SKU#: 7:01ZS4CF

Color Name: Domino
SKU#: 7:01ZS4DO

Color Name: Epic Blue
SKU#: 7:01ZS4EB

Color Name: Espresso
SKU#: 7:01ZS4ES

Color Name: Fir Green
SKU#: 7:01ZS4FG

Color Name: Green Olive
SKU#: 7:01ZS4GO

Color Name: Harvest Yellow
SKU#: 7:01ZS4HY

Color Name: Kayak
SKU#: 7:01ZS4K

Color Name: Kodiak
SKU#: 7:01ZS4KD

Color Name: Magnet
SKU#: 7:01ZS4M

Color Name: Midnight Blue
SKU#: 7:01ZS4MB

Color Name: Navy Blue
SKU#: 7:01ZS4NB

Color Name: Oak
SKU#: 7:01ZS4O

Color Name: Orange Blossom
SKU#: 7:01ZS4OB

Color Name: Pewter
SKU#: 7:01ZS4P

Color Name: Ruby
SKU#: 7:01ZS4R

Color Name: Safari Tan
SKU#: 7:01ZS4ST

Color Name: Spanish Red
SKU#: 7:01ZS4SR

Color Name: Terra Cotta
SKU#: 7:01ZS4TC

Color Name: Thai Green
SKU#: 7:01ZS4TG

Color Name: Titanium Grey
SKU#: 7:01ZS4TIG

Color Name: Walnut
SKU#: 7:01ZS4WT

Color Name: White
SKU#: 7:01ZS4W

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